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Current Classes at Montclair State. If you are students, all relevant materials are on Canvas.  

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Science Hall 320
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Fall 2023 Schedule
BIOL 417 Evolutionary Biology
BIOL320  Social Neuroscience
BIOL319  Genes, Brain, and Behavior


Social Neuroscience

Discover how the brain evolved to solve certain social tasks. Julian Paul Keenan founded the journal Social Neuroscience and applies current research to classic social quandaries. 

Evolutionary Biology

Biodiversity explained, both at the molecular and the species level. It'd be better if your thinking changed in this class than if you learned all the specifics. Check out Dr. Keenan's Evolutionary Cognitive Neuroscience book.

Intro to Biology 112-113

Learn about the cellular level in 112 and the species level in 113. More fun than humans should be allowed to have

Fall 2022 Schedule
BIOL 417 Evolutionary Biology
BIOL 320  Social Neuroscience
BIOL 319Fenes, Brain, and Behavior


Science Hall 320

I no longer advise. At least officially. However, I am here to help with any questions or concerns. Please reach out. Do realize that I get about 100 emails a day so 2 emails work better than 1. For 'official' advice:

Contact Dr. DiLorenzo

The week before registration, you can visit any advisor AND all weeks you can contact Chris Langner as well. He is also an advisor.

Animal Behavior

Learn about the 800 million year journey from protozoa to humans. A wonderful combination of Biology and Psychology

Olivia Tarrio and Briana Goncalves are dressed alike to see if they can pull off the Dan Simons Change Blindness experiment to a class of middle schoolers. Unlike the college kids at Harvard, these Montclairian Junior High students figured it out. 

Genes, Brains, and Behavior
Learn about the 3 variables that shape us. A real focus on mental and neurological disorders. Classical Behavioral Genetics and cutting edge optical imaging meet in a psychological cauldron

I'd rather put a box over my head than listen to another lecture...Or are these folks watching the solar eclipse?

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