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The Lab Skydive! Yes we all jumped!


Maria Ferrol

Research Assistant

Focuses on Psilocybin and Satiation in the Cerebellum


Janet Brenya

Research Assistant

Former Lab Coordinator

Manages and directs all research and coordinates all studies. Supervises all students. 


Katherine Chavarria

Rsearch Assistant

Former Lab Coordinator

Manages and directs all research and coordinates all studies. Supervises all students. 


Claudia Sierzputowski

Lab Director

TMS and tACS with Satiation. EEG and cravings. 


Matthew Pardillo

Head Research Assistant and Coordinator

Investigating Tarot and issues of symmetry employing TMS and other modulatory techniques.


Daisha Santiago

Lab Investigator

Examining issues of frontal contributions via neuromodulation. 


Vanessa Martinez

Former Research Assistant

Leads Art and Music group. Focuses on Politics and the brain in relation to self-awareness

ALEXA .jpeg

Alexa Alvarez

Research Assistant

Leads Psilocybin and the brain in relation to self-awareness


Sydney Ash

Research Assistant

Leads Celebrity and Fame in relation to self-awareness and the brain.


Lexie Lawson

Graduate Research Assistant

Runs the Red Panda research as well as investigations on Freewill and the brain.


Abigail Straus

Research Assistant

Leads menstruation investigation team. Investigates third-person perspective.

IMG_6867 (1).jpg

Gabriel Duran

Research Assistant

The Cortical Correlates of Art and Music


Nathira Ahmad

Former Lab Coordinator

Researches racial biasing and brain methods in racial free imaging. Self-deception and TMS are employed


Adrianna LaVarco

Graduate Lab Director

Research Assistant

rTPJ, Gibbons and ToM, Red Panda stress response, Contaigous Yawning


Samantha Zorns

Lab Director

Examine racial bias and implicit bias in cognition. 


Brianna Balugas

Research Assistant

Examines TMS and brain correlates of self-deception. Examining MPFC contributions to cognition.

Cognitive neuro pic.jpg

Qiana Archer

Research Assistant

Braiding and Racism, Social Media and the Brain


Aleksandra Janowska

Former Lab Investigator

Leads Symmetry group and self-face recognition. Uses TMS in brain investigations


Alejandro Olivares

Research Assistant

Investigating Astrology and Tarot and Psilocybin. Also setting up Optogenetics


Anthony Minervini

Graduate Leader TMS

Research Assistant

rTPJ, Gibbons, mirror self-recognition


Molly Skowdon

Research Assistant

Investigating teaching of Optogentics and Psilocybin.

The Cognitive Neuroimaging Lab at Sense to Synapse. Here are some of the local High School students that work in the lab along with graduate and undergraduate students.

Former Lab Members

Many graduates are PhDs, MDs and the like. Many are currently pursuing their degrees. Others are in clinical positions, academic endeavors or in the private sector. If you need to get in touch with any former students, email the lab. With over a hundred students, it is impossible to keep the website updated with current emails.

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