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Julian Keenan was the President of the AFT 1904. Here he is with THE President, Randi Weingarten. 

We hold sacred the notion that science is without bias and that all are by their very nature welcome into the field of science. We acknowledge from the very start that prejudice, discrimination, sexism, and racism are all integral to the history of science in The United States and that it is our obligation to rid any and all prejudices from science. The lab is actively engaged in eliminating all forms of discrimination from biology.

Julian Paul Keenan dressed as his hero Charles Darwin during the 2017 Science March. Joined by his daughter Harper.

There were a few neuroscience signs  at the Science March, but this was the best

Dr. Julian Paul Keenan proudly  served as the President of the AFT-1904 Union in an attempt to protect tenure for professors and a middle-class wage for all AFT members. It is clear that the wage gap in this country coincides with the disruption of Union jobs. 

The Cognitive Neuroimaging Lab helps with the awesome LSAMP program which helps to get minorities into science. We also work with STEM programs as well.

Like most scientists we are motivated to act against the attacks against the use of facts, which we hold so dearly and formulate the basis for scientific discovery. The lab also defends strongly the separation of church and state and we will act to defend the notion that facts are immutable and that it is our duty to inform the public on issues such as climate change and vaccination where there is direct governmental discrediting of science.

Dr. Keenan skates for a hockey team he started that collected and contributed funds to the families of US active and retired members. This team worked with the United Heroes League. Dr. Keenan also coaches local girls and womans teams in attempt to open doors for females in hockey.

We work with Parents Who Rock another local charity. Dr. Keenan has donated guitars and gotten the biology department to donate microscopes to local schools. On the left Dr. Keenan is raising money for Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief and on the right he is raising money for Nishuane Schools. You can find the lab volunteering our time in local schools throughout the year. Contact us if you need a neuroscientist or a musician in your school or for your charity

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