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Hall of Fame

From the top studies to the best music.

Top 5 Cog Neuro Lab Publications

Science 1999

Nature 2001

Cognitive Neuro 2010

Exp Brain Research 2012

Oxford Handbook 2018

Gallup 1970

Premack & Woodruff 1978

Preilowski 1977

Top 5 Influential Publications on our Lab's Research

Barker  et. al., 1985

Crick et. al., 1961

Most Underrated Scientific Paper

Libet et. al., 1983

Researchers so intelligent I've made a fool of myself each time I've talked to them

Top Experimental Suppliers with Customer Service

Top Neuroscience and Biology Web Pages

Funniest Science Videos



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Top 5 Jazz albums

If you could only have one album AND best first Jazz album to own

Best Movies about self-awareness

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