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The ERIN Project

We are pleased to announce the ERIN project has launched with research initiatives for historically repressed minorities AND research aimed at directly ending racism in neuroscience. 


The Cognitive Neuroimaging Lab

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The Cognitive Neuroimaging Laboratory was founded in 2001 when Julian Paul Keenan arrived at Montclair State University from Harvard Medical School. The goal has and will always be to determine how and why the self evolved in the human brain.

The Latest


New Book

Self-Face Recognition and the Brain: How the Neuroscience of Mirror Recognition Has Changed Psychology, Psychiatry, and Evolution (2023). Edited By Julian Paul Keenan, Karina Quevedo, William D. Hopkins Click Here


-Elias, S., Spivak, S., Alvarez, A., Ferrol, M., Olivares, A., & Keenan, J. P. (In Press=Due put 2023). Self-perception and self-recognition while looking in the mirror on psilocybin. Psychedelic Medicine. 

-Keenan, J. P., Munakata, M., O’Meara, J., Vaidya, A., & Wambacq, I. (In Press). On the Impact of the Self in a Complex Knowledge Network, Journal of Complexity in Education.      

-Zorns, S.,  Pardillo, M., Siertzputowski, C.,  Keenan, J. P. (In Press). Oh It's Me Again: Deja Vu, the Brain, and Self-Awareness. Brain and Behavioral Science.

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-LaVarco A, Ahmad N, Archer Q, Pardillo M, Nunez Castaneda R, Minervini A, Keenan JP. (2022). Self-Conscious Emotions and the Right Fronto-Temporal and Right Temporal Parietal Junction. Brain Sciences, 12(2):138.


-Ahmad, N.; Zorns, S.; Chavarria, K.; Brenya, J.; Janowska, A.; Keenan, J.P. Are We Right about the Right TPJ? A Review of Brain Stimulation and Social Cognition in the Right Temporal Parietal Junction. Symmetry (2021), 13, 2219.


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-Stevens, S., Brenya, J., Chavarria, K. & Keenan, J. P. (2021). There is no 'I'' in team:. Altuism as a Predictor of Team Success in the National Hockey Leasgue. (2021). Bulletin of the New Jersey Academy of Science, 61, 1.

-Kramer, R., Duran, K., Soder, H., Applegate, L., Youssef, A., Criscione, M., & Keenan, J. (2020). The Special Brain: Subclinical Grandiose Narcissism and Self-Face Recognition in the Right Prefrontal Cortex. The American Journal of Psychology, 133(4), 487-500.

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-Ragin, D., & Keenan, J. P. (Eds.). (2020). Handbook of Research Methods in Health Psychology. New York, NY: Taylor and Francis.

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