My Holiday Toast

I think it's by the second post one realizes that they don't know how to format, add pictures or links, or at least complain in some way. It takes TWO blog posts to get to complaining. We will refrain. My Toast: "May science never be taken for granted. May the brain never be underestimated. May the force of evolution be appreciated. May science always include all members, never closing its doors to anyone. May we recognize those who lash out against science because it threatens selfish interests or ignorant thinking. And may we all find joy in our science, not immediate joy, but a lifetime's worth of joy."

Welcome to the lab (and your brain is horrible)

We study the brain but really we study evolution. The fascination is why our brain is a) Horrible b) Unique and c) Redundant to the point of breaking many evolutionary assumptions. Add noble to whoever figures out a, b, or c.

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The Cognitive Neuroimaging Laboratory

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